Fair & Sustainable industrialization for Africa by the African people

Developing African shipyards & Fisheries


The Pan-African Seas Cooperation (PSC)

Also known by the brand name PANAFRICANA this project proposes a cooperation among several African states with the specific aim of sustainable development and industrialization of shipyards, fishing and aquaculture sectors on a Pan-African scale, and doing so by engaging innovative know-how and cutting edge technology from catch to customer, whilst establishing the PANAFRICANA brand as a leading highly regarded global seafood player.


Shipyard, Fisheries & Aquaculture

It is vital to protect African natural seafood resources for the long term, specifically from illegal fishing and from legal but unsuitable fishing policies. A Pan-African international public law treaty will be established to define and protect strategic and essential sea resources to be known as PAN-AFRICAN BIOSPHERE SEA RESERVOIR TREATY (PBSR).


Global Africa

Thanks now to globalized culture, technology and markets, PANAFRICANA has access to all necessary scientific knowledge, trading and marketing infrastructures allowing PANAFRICANA to establish the fair and sustainable industrialization of the rich oceans that surround Africa for the direct benefit of the African people. This is not only possible today but it is absolutely mandatory and an imperative for the future.